Handling BOY LR5

The BOY LR5 is a linear robot. This handling device is intended to remove and separate parts from the mould of an injection moulding machine or to insert semi-finished products into the mould.

The BOY LR5 has three linear axes as well as pneumatic rotary- and swivel axes. The linear axes are servo-motor-driven by a tooth belt. Grippers for the removal of moulded parts or gating parts are fixed at the pneumatic axes.

Long-term measurements to determine the repeatability of the position evidence a deviation of the nominal target of less than ± 0.02 mm of the respective axes.

  • Five–axes–industrial robots in different axis lengths, positioned on the frame of the injection moulding machine.
  • 10“ TFT-Display Procan LR5 with graphical input function for an easy control /programming of the handling.
  • CE–compliant protection housing from solid, powder-coated metal and monitored access door.
  • Optional conveyor belt with manual removal switch and reflex light barriers.
  • Individual protection housing, adapted to the injection moulding machine.